First proper week of term…

Why can’t I shake the feeling there’s going to be at least one screw-up in going to sessions this week? No idea when Tutorial is, nor which group I’m in (having tutorial times only on Uni noticeboards runs into a problem when you need to see it over a weekend). The timetable is a tad confusing, mine and Hayley’s are the same except for groups listed at the side of the seminars – I’ll let you know when I’ve figured out what it means. I’m probably also going to be about as popular as the plague during the lectures and seminars the next couple of weeks. I caught a cold from one of the other students and I’m currently coughing and wheezing and unable to speak clearly.

OK, enough grumbling. The whiteboard animations from the first week are on Youtube (all put together of course), where we were all told to get a box from one side of the tree to the other (walking around it never seems to occur to 2d cartoon characters does it?). It’s funny watching them go from artistically detailed to just down right silly – I think some of us reverted to being 10 years-old. The one my group did shows up roughly halfway. Keep an eye out for the transforming giant mutant box spider which promptly becomes George of The Jungle and a lumberjack.

One thing I noticed is that despite the fact everyone avoided the tripods (with the exception of one person whose misplaced foot must have caused an earthquake in their animation, and almost caused one in ours until I warned him) the cameras didn’t want to stay still. It never ceases to amaze me just how sensitive to the slightest nudge a camera is when you’re animating – I’ve lost count of how many times someone has been puzzled by these set and camera bumps when playing the film back.

Well enough from me, check it out for yourself.


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