First day, and what a great way to remember Fresher’s Week by…

Remember I mentioned I caught a cold? Well, turns out so did about a third of the course (I’m willing to be everyone will have caught it by the start of next week).

We had our first lecture about successful practices and did a couple of brainstorms. Actually ‘tried to do a couple of brainstorms’ would be a more accurate statement in mine and my sister’s case, because our brains were more interested in curling up and going to sleep. Mind you, she did come up a solution for dealing with a bad lecturer – throw a book. Mine were a little more sedate, drawing from past experience with a college teacher – not acting like a sulking child is a good tip if you don’t want to look an idiot.

I’m sure I wasn’t the only one wanting to bang my head against the desk with all the interruptions going off. I must have missed the memo: ‘yeah, it starts at 11.00 but you can show up whenever, just be ready to do the Macarena so they’ll let you in.’

Afternoon and my first Narrative Seminar, where we had to do pixilation which is using people as stop motion puppets (pixElation is when you hide something like a license plate or a face by making it very blocky). Usually you use it to do things you normally couldn’t do, like say use a person as a skateboard or something like the Guinness Hands ad where your fingers keep switching form one side to the other. I’ll give a full break-down of what happens in my group’s when I see it again, as my brain’s still a bit addled by this cold. But I’ll tell you one thing, I much prefer working with LEGO mini-figs than with people – they don’t move of their own accord, you don’t have to give them breaks, and they don’t have a workers’ union.

I’d write more, but I’m really not thinking straight at the moment, so I’ll sign of. Maybe once my cold’s clear up a bit I’ll get round to doing some more pixilation stuff at the weekend (once I’ve found a program that will frame capture from my camcorder that is).

And glad to see someone’s fixed the error where the tutorial session was listed as a seminar on the online timetables. That clears things up a bit.


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