Pixilation. Well, sorta.

So, it’s Sunday evening, this should have been done on Friday (ideally) and I never did get round to making more pixilation clips. Mainly because I couldn’t find a frame capture program for my mac, because I’m still on Panther and practically every programmer and his dog can’t be bothered to add the extra lines of code needed to make the app work with it and just leaves it to run on Tiger. That’s probably the only major good thing Windows has going for it. Its freeware and shareware lot know the meaning of the term ‘backwards compatible’.

Another reason is that I don’t know where our digital cameras are (there are two knocking about somewhere, one with the battery life comparable to a mayfly and the other… probably gotten lost because of its size, or lack there of).

So, Thursday. After an interesting first tutorial with Jools where we found out a bit about each other and sorted out putting our blogs on the uni directory, we had a lecture about the history of animation (that’s not what Andy called, but it falls under that spectrum). Part of it I already knew, since I’m an animation nut and have read more books on the subject that I ever have studying for exams. I was half-expecting to see the rather infamous series of images of a horse in motion (I think it was a trot), which were only done so the guy could win a bet on whether a horse’s feet were off the ground all at once at any point. Obviously he won fairly convincingly.

We were shown the… Adventures of Tom Thumb I think it was called, which was a film done in pixilation and had the obvious bonus of the actors being able to interact with the puppets instead of having to pretend to be terrified of a tennis ball on a stick. I’m a little surprised that the Peter Gabriel music video for Sledgehammer wasn’t mentioned, which is in my opinion to be an excellent example, especially when the furniture start moving all over the place in tandem with the ‘puppets’.

Didn’t have anything to do after that so I said on one of the couches in a room/corridor near the lecture theatre, where I whiled away 2 hours finally finishing a Doctor Who book I got a few months back and sketching a dragon (surprise surprise). Well, almost all of it, a fire drill went off after about an hour (which left my ears ringing) and we had to trudge outside to the assembly point. Upside was I discovered there’s a rather large park next door to the building. I’m going to have to borrow that small camera from my sister when I next have a couple of hours to spare.


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