Week 3, Day… *counts* 7.

Yesterday we got introduced to the campus library, a place so big you could lose my brother in it for the next 3 months and he wouldn’t get bored. Although I nearly came unstuck on the the rotary barrier, you don’t realise until you have to do it regularly that there’s an art to card swiping (maybe I should have paid more attention during season 3 of Digimon…).  I really like the online system they’ve got set up, at school the only real way of getting hold of the book you wanted was to keep your fingers crossed and hope it was on the shelf. The renew system I really liked, I was forever having to detour to the library to renew the books I’d taken out (and you can take out 19! Flippin’ heck, that’s practically a hazard where a bookworm’s concerned).

Afternoon, where we had to start mucking around with the frames we took last week in Photoshop. Well, before that we watched a short film called Street of Crocodiles, which must be the weirdest piece of stop-motion I’ve seen, and slightly creepy. Somewhere towards the end of the seminar, I found out that the space given to students (150mb) was utterly useless when you’re a multimedia student. A few of my painting files I could fit on there no problems, but 360 odd photos, even when shrunk down? No chance. I took the cd with the raws on home with me instead to copy onto my mac. One thing I’ve been wondering about is just how much memory do those computers have – I swear my mac was processing the pictures way faster than the PCs.

One last thing, I learnt from my sister that unlike our old course, we’re encouraged to keep experimenting and trying new things. I was going to do that today by doing some more pixilation, but most of the time was spent hunting down some things I needed and trying to find some software (at this rate I’m going to have to spend some money to get hold of an app).

Note to self: finish those paintings. I’m starting to lose track of how many I’m doing.


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