This was later than it was meant to be.

The first part was written during a two hour break at Uni…

I’m currently sitting in front of a PC in Uni, and I’ve just discovered I can remember my blog password! Yiphee!! 😀

Had a really interesting tutorial session this morning, after a mini game of Musical Chairs because some of us went and sat in the same place (didn’t bother me by moving, I can make myself comfortable pretty much anywhere, just don’t try to shift me when I’ve been settled for half an hour, otherwise my mean streak rears it head and digs its heels in). We were talking about what we’d been up to on Monday – personally I think it would have been better asking about yesterday because my short-term memory lets me down when you start going back a few days. Mine was surfing the net getting up to date with my forums and emails (the only thing I can remember really), so I got asked what forums I go on. I didn’t go into that much detail in the session, so I’ll start plugging it here ;P.

The site, which I fondly call my second home, is, a community of people dedicated to stop-motion animation using LEGO – although any form of animation is welcome.. I’ve been a member there for over two years now and I’m known by most of the community for being of the very few female ‘brickfilmers’ (I still suspect some of them think I’m a guy) – btw, the number says 3,000 odd members, but it’s more like two to three hundred that are regulars. People for some reason are absolutely astounded by our hobby – half the time it’s like they’ve never seen a claymation before in their life – and I just found out that it’s been featured in the Wall Street Journal (must check news page more often). It’s weird seeing names of people you know (well, online anyway) in an article, although it took me a while to remember who had which username.

Now we get to the part written today…

My cousin and her kids came to visit today so I spent most of it away from the computer. I did finish that sketch I started during uni breaks so I might post that tomorrow when I get round to it.

I went and hunted down all my old LEGO animation tests and put them on Youtube. There isn’t any sound because I couldn’t be bother to put an audio track.

Yesterday, I dug out my large LEGO dragon I brought a couple of years ago and had a go at animating that for the first time. The motion is rather jerky (I know it’s possible to get it smoother, but I wasn’t familiar with its range of movement) and there’s a demo message across the top (I’m having trouble buying the license and I wasn’t waiting till Monday for an answer to my query) but I think it came out well, and it kinda reminds me of that kids’ show The Sages (I loved that show). And I also discovered a new way of using Photoshop actions to fix a mistake that showed up on quite a lot of the frames towards the end, but since Youtube’s being an idiot and taking longer to process a video that’s smaller and shorter than the first one I uploaded that’s going to have to wait till tomorrow.

Tomorrow, along with my dragon animation I’ll upload my Final Major Project from college – completely with really poor audio, trying to do that with headphones in a noisy room with my hearing was just asking for trouble. And I’ll post a favourite Brickfilm of mine, which just so happens to rather fitting for Halloween.

Edit: Finally, Youtube finished sorting it out.


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