Knowing how doesn’t mean you can.

Now that I discovered .mov files give Youtube a serious case of indigestion and used .mp4 files, uploading my FMP film was a lot easier this time round.

I could say that this is stupendous, the greatest piece of cinematography ever made, but not only would it make me sound big-headed, it would be stretching the truth beyond physical possibility. The funniest thing is the two very different sets of reactions I got – my college lecturers, family, and most of my fellow students thought it to be fantastic. But when it was shown to the guys over at the Brickfilms community they pointed out a list of things that needed fixing. And I wasn’t about to argue with them over it. I know a lot about animation and the technical stuff behind it, but that didn’t mean I was going to brilliant at it from the word go. That comes with effort and practice.

Some of the problems included:-

  • Very jerky animation on Jeff (my custom dragon model)
  • Really bad syncing of the sound effects with the animation (my hearing played a part in that, along with my classmates being unable to keep the noise below a dull roar)
  • Bizarre ending (that on reflection might have been my sense of humour taking over)

I was going to post Frankenstein and write a quick summary of it, but that’s best left till when I can get time to watch it all the way through again.

For now, and this became much more awkward than it needed to be because WordPress’s file uploader is screwing up, I’ll leave the product of boredom from waiting for my sister to finish her seminar and during the relatively quiet times that happened during the family visit.


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