Something weird comes this way…

Apart from a lecture on researching where most of us tuned the person speaking out or nodded off, yesterday afternoon was weird. We had to shoot a one-shot film (all in one take, no cuts or edits) and my group filmed it in the Arboretum next door. Working off the theme ‘irritation’, we did a short on a guy who was being pestered by a persistent fly (what no-one saw was that he was also getting pestered by a very persistent squirrel) which ended with him swallowing it
and it still being alive. Maybe he needs a spider heheh.

The really weird thing happened after we came back in to show the film. Beforehand, we’d gone through the graveyard across the road – which, being the day before Halloween I wasn’t very comfortable with. I’m not superstitious, but experience tells me to be wary. Anyway, we’d shown what we’d done, got a laugh out of everyone, and been told that the way we’d framed our shot was too calm for the narrative (I’d picked up on that while we were filming, but I couldn’t persuade the person operating the camera to tighten the shot, we settled for a compromise in the end). And then something odd started happening. First, the reflector that I had been holding when we’d walked in had seemingly vanished – I’d put it on the desk near the computer where I was sitting as I sat down. Then the really worrying bit – the tape with our work on disappeared! I’d packed the camera away and was about to put the tape in the case when Deborah our lecturer said she wanted to keep the tapes, so I put it on the desk beside me. I’d handed the case to someone when I saw someone that I assumed was Deborah reach out and pick up our tape – something which didn’t seem to have happened, although I saw her with a tape in her hand and assumed it was ours. So we started searching for it. None of the tapes were labelled so we had to check them all, but none had ours.

The general consensus was that someone had picked it up and claimed it for their own – it’s more likely that someone had picked it up by mistake, but why would they do that when Deborah wanted to keep hold of them. Weird.

Oh well, I start work with a new group on our coursework film tomorrow afternoon, now I just need to think of some ideas – after I do these book analyses for tomorrow morning.


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