Planning Underway.

Now we’re getting somewhere. According to Ashley the delay was due to getting no reply from David. In fact we still haven’t heard from him, so we’ve gone for what we decided on on Friday and he’ll have to like it. I hate being made to wait a few hours, let alone the whole weekend!

OK, now I know I’ve got to post the synopsis and storyboards and the like on my journal for the lecturers, but for anyone looking at this who doesn’t want to know what happens and wishes to wait for when it’s uploaded (it’ll be in a couple of weeks), then DON’T click on the ‘more’ link. You’ve been warned, so don’t complain to me if you feel it was ruined because curiosity got the better of you..

I got the synopsis from Ashley early this afternoon, and I got to hand it to him, now that I’ve read it I think the idea is even more brilliant than what I thought on Friday. The idea we chose takes the project title ‘One Shot’ a bit more literally. We’re introduced to a man in deep prayer as time ticks away. He’s agitated, restless and, for some unknown reason, frightened. Then, he picks up a bag/balaclava and puts it over his head before going to join more hooded figures. A gun comes up and aims at his head, then it fades to black.

Now, I’m not the best at analysing an idea and writing it down, but thankfully had done a brilliant reasoning that covered most, if not all, of the thoughts I had for the feel of this narrative. You can read it here – one_shot.doc.

I do disagree with the reasoning as to why he is being executed when he is presumed to be a religious and moral man – he may have done nothing more than be of his faith, or for standing up for his beliefs. The World Wars show examples of both, conscientious objectors, the persecution of the Jews, and those shot for disobeying that they thought morally wrong.

I did the storyboards in around 2 hours – although I’m already picking out problems with the choice of direction I took towards the end, good job I printed out spare sheets. I added one thing which I though would help in giving a cue for the climax of the short film, which was having the clock ‘chime’ just before he goes to put the bog over his head, as a sort of signal that it’s time to meet his fate. Since there is very little dialogue, I’ve decided to not do a screenplay at the moment, but if needed I will produce one. One thing I especially like is the planned use of the clock throughout, acting almost like a heartbeat.

storyboard1.jpg storyboard2.jpg

There was a short film I was reminded of when this idea was brought up – a Brickfilm called Cognizance, which is considered to be one of the best.


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