One Shot progress update

This afternoon has been rather productive. Well, as productive as possible considering we were one member down. We’ve ended up altering the ending a far bit to cut down on the people needed and to have it make sense, because before the audience would have been forgiven for being a bit confused.

So I’ve redone the storyboards – after cleaning the scanner plate on my printer first, the thing was ditched. Next on the list is getting the dirt marks off my mac’s screen, the amount of times I mistook one for a mark on the file in Photoshop is nearly at triple figures.

Again, if you don’t want to know, don’t click the ‘more’ link.

storyboard_ver2_1.jpg storyboard_ver2_2.jpg

We’ve made it more obvious it’s an execution now, and cut the need of extra people by having only two – leaving us girls behind the camera. Our main guy is still not happy about having to act, which is good for us because at least he won’t have much trouble acting agitated convincingly.


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