Delay (and thankful for it)

Unfortunately we couldn’t get a studio booked for today so I’m sat at home, with not much to do on the uni front from my perspective to be honest. I’m kinda glad we didn’t get it booked – I caught another cold on the back of my flu jab and thanks to that I didn’t get a good night’s sleep – I’ve been known to get bad tempered and unsociable with that.

I’ll be first to admit that I spend more time on the net than anything, but I do find some real gems in the most unexpected places doing so. For instance, today I was checking a Nintendo Wii blog (now that I’m getting one at Xmas I make a point to keep up to date) and they posted this pixilation tribute to Mario Kart.

They did it for an animation class and all I can say is “Why didn’t I think of that?” Mind you, the guy in the suit at the start wins the prize for most creepy guy in a pixilation. I just wish they kept the background music going, it felt really weird when there was nothing except for sound effects.

A Final Fantasy pixilation is suddenly looking like a good idea…


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