Mid-Week again (is it me or has time sped up?)

Well, yesterday Deb told us that some people’s documentation of our one-shot film left a lot to be desired, so I went to check the directed study parts of the worksheets to see if I could do anything else. Either someone forgot to edit this week’s or they’ve had to give a week’s leeway due to most people not being able to book out the studios.

Speaking of which – we’ve got one booked for Thursday! Living an hour away by bus makes for very small windows of time I can get into Nottingham outside of Uni hours (three hours doesn’t sound much when you consider what we have to do in that time). Thankfully I can get a lift that day, so I have more leeway time-wise.

Now, if I remember rightly, Ashley is on organization/coordinating the whole operation and has a small acting role, I’m on storyboarding and probably on lighting assistance duty, Andria (who I hope has got the message) is in charge of filming – setting up the shot, lighting etc (somehow I think we might end up arguing over that) and David is acting and in charge of booking the location and equipment. We were told to provide photos of the location – well, it’s a room and there’s not much to it, but I’ll take a digital camera with me tomorrow to get some photos of the set up and some behind the scenes shots (flash off of course, there’ll be enough light as it is with out that adding to proceedings).

Tuesday saw the return of Jools as lecturer. No offence to the guy who did the lecture for the previous two weeks, but most of us either mentally checked out, or were far more interested in the red dot moving around the projector screen.

We were talking about design and the design process, and were asked to think of a new way to “new” “fresh” and “cutting edge”, which no idea what the product was. Then we had to get into increasingly bigger groups to come up with a new better one, with the prize being cream cakes (I don’t really eat those, but had it been iced fingers I may have put more effort in the thought department). My group’s was a games console with a built in George Foreman grill and a drinks mixer so you can play games, make a drink and cook a full English in high definition at the same time! I still think a games console with built-in Chuck Norris was a winner.

The afternoon was us mucking around in Premiere (does that have an ‘e’ or not?) – been a while since I’ve used any Premiere. How to capture film, cut it up, move it about, mix sound etc. Now, if anyone knows where I can find an editor for Mac that works on Panther I’d appreciate it.

Completely going off topic now – I’ve been doing a drawing lately, and someone recognised it was Spyro the Dragon yesterday. I’ve recently started on a personal project redesigning the first Spyro game and I was aiming to show that Spyro didn’t have to look like he ran into a wall nose first when upgrading to next gen graphics (God I hate his redesign).


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