One Shot Film in the can (so to speak)

Whoops, nearly forgot to do this. I have an excuse though – I spent most of Friday and Saturday trying to fix an error on my part. I’d taken the job of capturing the film and sending the file to everyone, but what no-one seems to let you know until you have to do it is that dv files on a mac will not be read by PCs. In the end I had to capture it to a pc and save it as a DV-AVI (would like to know how to do that on a mac please if anyone knows).

So Thursday afternoon and we lost half an hour because of the dodgy opening times of the equipment store – only open for half hour slots both ends of the day, and David couldn’t get the equipment because no-one was there. And we had to wait for the studio to be opened by the guy. I wish he was a bit less stand-offish, he made it sound like we’d done something heinous when we’d already told when we wanted the studio and equipment – at this rate I’d rather use my own equipment than go to him if he’s going to act like that.

THEN I realised I’d forgotten the tape, so I had to dash off to WHSmith to buy a pack. When I got back everyone was in the middle of setting up the lights and the camera angle and me and Andria promptly started arguing over it (I think we scared the lads a bit) – I couldn’t help but get the impression that she hadn’t looked at the storyboards because she thought we were using the original ending.

Anyway, we’ve got it done, slightly different to how I’d planned it out but it came out all right. So here’s the raw footage on youtube (If you don’t want to know, don’t click).


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