Okay… Might be wide of the mark here.

 OK I confess – I sorta forgot about the task we were set last week till now, which was… *flicks through notebook* “point to a name or source that inspired work – talk about similarity and how they inspired it.”

Now I think Jools meant just Uni work – which immediately has me run into a wall because to be honest, I have no idea if my past two projects were inspired by anything. I may have drawn a couple of similarities between certain parts, but those had no bearing on the final piece at all (I think it fell on deaf ears in some cases).

The pixilation film, once it got to the jumping from one place to another and changing appearances I could only think of Doctor Who (but then, I’m a geek, so that would be a given). One part of the original storyboard of my group’s one shot film was inspired by something mind. The original draft called for a line of a hooded figures at the end, and I immediately thought of Linkin Park’s video for Somewhere I Belong, and I ended up basing the basic appearance of them on the ones in the video.

I do have pieces of artwork that are strongly inspired by other things. I completed one recently for a online forum challenge which was inspired in appearance and mood by Lord of The Rings, except you wouldn’t know from looking at it.

The theme was Twilight and I ended up thinking about that bit in the films where they’re sailing past those great big statues. I was also listening to May It Be from the first film on loop – couple that with me wanting to try painting a robot and this is what’s inspired. I’m kinda reminded of a couple of other paintings I’ve seen, but I’ve seen so many in ImagineFX magazine I can’t pick apart what idea’s come from where anymore.

Now I think about it, I remember rushing to finish this off one morning during Welcome Week – I think it was the day we were making pin-hole cameras.


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