Object Analysis

Nothing is more annoying that a slow net connection – I have a sneaking suspicion that Orange have transferred to the service to a new LLU thingy I’ve heard about. With any luck this will be posted and my download will have finished before the next World War. Due to these connection problems a post about my interactive project and anythi9ng else is going to have to wait.

We’ve been asked to evaluate the aesthetic qualities of one of our possessions (twice, if truth be told – I wonder if there’s any cross-communication between lecturers sometimes). I understand ‘aesthetic’ (spelling it is another matter), so here comes the fun part. I’ve chosen my Intuos3 A5 Wide graphics tablet and by extension, the stylus that comes with it.

The first that strikes you about the A5 Wide is its size – it’s pretty large. By luck I have enough room beside my mac to fit it sideways on the desk, otherwise I’d be stuck on where to put it when not in use. The size also means I can rest it in my lap and prop it on the keyboard tray on my desk and get a comfortable angle to draw with with need for something underneath.

(this isn’t an actual photo of my tablet, just the standard product shot since I’ve got trouble getting a decent picture of mine)

It’s not very flat (it’s about 1.5 cm thick) but the bottom edge curves down to about half a cm. The active area is in a lighter grey material that is somewhat more coarse that the clear plastic that covers the top of the tablet which, while better for drawing on the old Graphire3 smooth surface, is absolute murder on the nibs – the life-span’s dropped to a few months. Either side are the express keys and touch strips with mirrored arrangements which the part of me that has a fondness for symmetry absolutely loves. Overall, I think this is in the same league as the iPhone in terms of looks (except unlike the iPhone it’s actually capable of doing its job and justifies the 300 quid I spent on it).

The pen was when I saw it a very odd shape I though – something to do with its ergonomics I think. It deviates a far bit from the usual pen stylus shape with a wide barrel that tapers towards the eraser (meaning it’s weighted towards the nib). The grey grip extends along half the pen and gives a simple two-tone appearance.

And I’ll stop there because I can’t think of anything else to say about it (words fail me when analysis is involved).


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