Interactive Narrative

I may be accused of cutting it fine, but I’m now on to making the images for my Interactive Narrative. I must have redone the flow chart at least 3 times, but I’ve got it to a stage where I’m happy with it – it’s a good thing I read a load of Pick-Your-Own-Adventure books as a kid.
The premise of the story is very similar to the fairy tales where there were many hidden lessons and morals-of-the story hidden underneath (Little Red Riding Hood’s main one was ‘don’t talk to strangers’ for example). It’s also loosely based on a short children’s story I read when I was about 4 or 5 (it’s called Dancing Ann and the Green Gruff Grackle if that rings any bells – I’ve yet to find someone who remembers it aside from my brother and sister ETA 03/08/12: I’ve just learnt that a friend of mine also remembers it. Hooray!). Along the way I’ve snuck some little references to things in various parts – the part where the path ends abruptly is taken from Disney’s version of Alice in Wonderland (it’ll be more obvious in the image) and where the beast refuses to cross the water harks back to demon lore where demons can’t cross running water.

Having some time to kill Tuesday afternoon and before Tutorial on Thursday, I grabbed my sketchbook and did some sketches of the Grackle – I seem to have a nack for distorting childhood memory into something downright weird.

Now I’ve been wondering how to go about the images themselves – if I did my usual high detail job it wouldn’t get done in time, so I I thought ‘how about do them the same way you did your FMP concepts?’ (which consisted of scanning the sketches in and adding colour underneath) I’m still planning on doing this at home, if I could remember how to code functions in Actionscript 2. I may use tomorrow afternoon to figure that out and code it, since I already know how to export and publish.


One thought on “Interactive Narrative

  1. I just googled for green gruff grackle.

    It was the most terrifying book I’d ever read. the sight of the book terrified me. As each page turned I was petrified. I remember it started with the feet appearing, and so on until its head appeared.

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