One task more to go…

Just a presentation left now – I’ve no problem talking, it’s getting started that’s a problem, and I’m liable to speak so fast that no-one understands me. At least it’s a lecturer I know I’m talking to. Knowing me, the problem is going to be keeping inside 20 minutes, let alone 10!

Connection’s on the blink again. I swear Orange is mucking about with the line. This puts off my foray into the online world for a little while. Second Life’s an option, but I’m also considering one called Shadowbane. I’m on a mac, I don’t have many options okay?

I’m not exactly a stranger to mmo’s – a couple of years back I played RuneScape, which nearly put me off them altogether. It looks terrible (java – kinda says it all, the applet is unreliable on macs, the experience system is enough to make you want to lose the will to live from tedium (how anyone gets to lvl 70+ on that game is beyond me) and the worst part is, it’s crawling with n00bs. Rarely do you see a coherent sentence appear at any point, instead it’s things like lol, asl (age sex location – common thing for online players to do apparently) and the dreaded 1337 speak. Within 5 minutes of the last time I logged on I was ready to literally pull out an axe and got on a bloody rampage.

The one I tried after that was called Eternal Lands, but it’s terrible because a) you can’t sign up to the forum to ask for assistance because they don’t let you post until you’re granted permission, and it deletes your account almost immediately so you have to sign up again and b) it banned my ip for a reason I was never tol, but probably because of the amount of times I had to sign up. Needless to say, I gave up.

Interactive is nearly done, just have 8 images to colour and the text to write, and some sounds (music is not my strength, so no soundtrack). After that, a last bash at improving my pixilation, a quick re-edit of our one-shot film (maybe) and planning the structure for my presentation. Four days should be enough (I hope).


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