MMOGs and being able to play them in the first place

After scouring the net for a game I could play on my mac, I gave up and I’ve started playing on one on one of our old laptops. It’s called Seal Online, and it might be a bit too cutesy or anime-ish for some people’s tastes, but it’s got a charm of its own.


My character is a Mage called Ayana, and Hayley (she’s playing it too) is a Knight called Kiya. Don’t ask why we have Beggar in front of our names, I’ve no idea. And if people had trouble remembering which is which in real life, you’d be very confused in this game, as you start off looking very similar.


We started off in a place called Town Newbie (gee, I wonder why it’s called that?, which looks like this:


This is where you learn the ropes and there’s a truckload of weak monsters swarming in the field just outside the entrance for you to beat up by left-clicking or ctrl+left-click (you can attack other players by shift-clicking on them, but I have some semblance of sanity about me). It took me a while to figure out how to make money (thankfully not to buy healing potions, more on that later), but when I did I found one of the drop items from the little yellow balls, called Piyu I think, has a large selling price (see the pic below).


However, these guys:


don’t half do some damage if you’re under level 5 – you should have seen Hayley’s reaction to seeing a walking mushroom in front of her. If you’re going to play this game don’t be fooled by the cuteness, this mushroom’s dynamite!

Of course you’ll need healing after crossing the path of one of these – but you don’t need an inn or potions. Instead you take a kip under a newspaper. Seriously, look.


Complete with Z’s. Not especially fast but you do get healed for nowt, and as soon as you click on the ground you leap up ready for action. Not that monsters pay attention to the symbolic “Do Not Disturb” though. Me and Hayley went towards the two ponds on the map, but while I got a pasting from something called a Moo Moo and knocked out by one whilst taking a nap (next time – don’t go to sleep in the midst of rabid ‘Moo Moos’), she ended up being chased by one back to town. ^^;

Next on list: quests and getting some payback on the little blighters.


One thought on “MMOGs and being able to play them in the first place

  1. it is a very cutesy type game hehe. i did happen to find a list of mac MMO’s. not sure if you knew of them or not, but thought i would pass them on.

    Note an ‘*’ means you can get a free trial to the game.

    PAY 2 PLAY
    *Clan Lord
    *Minions of Mirth
    *Myst Online: Uru Live
    *A Tale in the Desert
    *Toontown Online
    World Of Warcraft
    WWII online

    Eternal Lands
    First Star Online 2
    Ogre Island
    Puzzle Pirates
    Second Life
    Wurm Online


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