Wanderings in Shiltz #1

Christmas Eve and I’ve been in the world of Shiltz for over a week now. And the whole place has been getting into the Xmas spirit – every town has a tree, and even Santa’s dropped by for a visit.

I’ve moved base to Elim, which is the capital – thankfully not that big otherwise it’d have taken me longer to find my way around (though I still take a wrong turn most times since the map doesn’t orientate to where you’re facing). The areas surrounding are not the safest for a mage at the moment, I’m not high enough a level to go off solo without being chased by the local wildlife (I had to get Hayley to come and help me with the horde of rabbits that were chasing me), but I can hold my own against a few – except the Moo Moos are still dangerous – I went through half my stock of healing items thanks to those little blighters! One thing we’ve discovered is that fame is an important factor. the more well known you are the better your options when it comes to items and quests – that’s what the ‘Beggar’ label is for. After doing some quests I’m now a ‘Brute’, which is much more preferable to ‘Expendable’ let me tell you! Although there’s still ‘Fodder’ higher up the rankings. The most fun thing about leaving Town Newbie is the varity in appearance of other players, some are adorned with wings, others are clad in armour – or in the Craftsman class’ case, gears. One even had a pumpkin for a head, which was odd since I’d just finished watching Return to Oz that morning.

I took a flying visit to two of the other towns – Zaid and Lime. Zaid is an industrial place up in the mountains and on the road to nowhere. Lime is more sparse (more of a pain to travel around if you ask me) and the inhabitants aren’t very welcoming – you have to be a member of the milita apparently.

The pictures are after the cut.

(I tried to give them rollover decriptions, but it’s not having it, so I suggest right-clicking for properties)

It's Santa! Ayana as she is now (except for the boots) A Priest Class character Giant gingerbread rabbit - oddest thing I've seen that's for sure

Fishing - boring as hell and I've caught bupkes Elim with its Christmas tree at night A snowman from Town Lime - wonder if he wants an Irn-Bru...

Town Lime - told ya it was sparse Shiltz's giftboxes are dropped by all monsters - you need 500 to finish the Xmas quest! o_O Elim from across the water

Sure, they're cute and fluffy now. But watch out... These rabbits are dynamite! (and they have big brothers)


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