Owner of a Little Box of Joy

We are now officially the owners of a Nintendo Wii, so predictably it’s been getting daily use and I swear we’re going to wear out our copy of Wii Sports with the amount of times it’s being played (Mario Galaxy is not in my good booksat the moment due to the amount of lives being reset to 5 everytime you load a game and me not being the world’s most coordinated player – it might seem challenging to most but to me it just screams annoyance when you keeps falling off the stage). Considering I have the depth perception of a hungover Cyclops (I have one eye weaker than the other – you can imagine the trouble it causes), I’m doing surprisingly well in aiming my shots in Bowling and hitting the ball in tennis. I’m also proving rather good at Golf, but I think that’s more to do with the fact there’s a power gauge on screen than anything else.

The control mechanism is, in a word, astonishing. Having played on Sony’s Eyetoy and been left frustrated by the infuriating control problems that come from bad light (because, unlike what the publicity shots show, I seriously doubt living rooms are lit evenly enough to make it work), the leap in precision and responsiveness from the Wii-mote was practically a shock to the system. Throwing the ball is a lot more like the real game now – although being able to consistently release the B button at the right moment so you don’t the rather jarring reminder screen pop up is still an art form in the making. At least here, without a 5lb ball to throw down the ally, I actually don’t suck at the game. I have to applaud the programmers for the physics as well. Me and my brother, through ill-timed B button releases, ended up throwing the ball the wrong way – making all the Miis behind ours jump out of their polygonal skins. I didn’t know whether I should find it funny or embarrassin, because last September during a game with some college friends I really did throw it backwards, much to the alarm of those right behind me. Moral of the story – if you invite me to go bowling, don’t stand behind me.

I’ll sign off before I carry gushing how great the Wii is (I’m currently in an argument with someone on the Brickfilms forums where they believe that games are only fun if they’re high def and super realistic, so therefore the Wii is the worst console. Obviously, I disagree entirely). I spent a whole week trying to connect the Wii to the net via our Orange Livebox. A note for anyone else who attempts to try it – even though it supports WPA, stick with WEP security. It just wouldn’t take it with ours until we switched to WEP.

Also, shut your curtains if your wii’s in a room that’s very bright on a sunny day when playing. The sunlight plays havoc with the Sensor Bar.


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