Xmas Round Up and Mini Shiltz Update

Let it be known that I am not a frequent blogger. That doesn’t mean I am not engaged with the course and subject, because I am always doing something multimedia and computer related, the fact of the matter is writing about it does not featured very high on my to-do list when I’m actually doing something. As it stands I’m splitting it up into a few posts so that I don’t send people cross-eyed.

Ok, no weekly update from Seal Online this week as you’ll no doubt have noticed because apart from an appearance change on Ayana’s part (picture up later – it’s on my laptop), nothing much has happened – I’m still at a stage where I’m liable to get my butt kicked by rogue Moo Moos, even though my magic power is at a level where I can deal some serious damage (so long as I don’t get snuck up on), so I haven’t been anywhere new, and when I have I haven’t been able to stay in one spot long enough thanks to aforementioned Moo Moos (I’m going to have an aversion to radishes at this rate).

About a week before Xmas I got a new Vista laptop – despite how much I love my mac (and the fact it’s so much more suited for doing my digital artwork, even if it lacks a gig of memory compared to its new counterpart) I have the serious problem of compatibility issue, both from having a PPC mac and it being on Panther still. A new mac was out of the question because they’re seriously expensive, and well, 3dsMax doesn’t work on OS X – and neither do most free MMOs for that matter. So this one (which is not exactly very well customized at the moment) has Seal Online, PS 7 (a throwback from College) and Painter IX, most of the programs I’ve found for 3d work – I still need to install LDraw stuff (that’s virtual LEGO), Bryce 5.5, the Intuos3 driver, printer driver, and a few other things. Hayley dropped one heck of a bombshell when she revealed yesterday that her college animation teacher had given her a copy of Toon Boom Studio 3.0, so after I’d regained the use of speech I asked if I could install it on the laptop as well.

As for the day itself, apart from our Wii I got a couple of books, Indiana Jones DVD boxset, Heroes season 1 (a genius series and once I get around to it I’m planning an analysis on how it copies comic book panelling) and some assorted dragon items including a wooden dragon automaton kit (which instantly got title of best present alongside the Wii because I love that kind of thing). It might not seem much but it suited me fine. ^_^


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