Wanderings in Shiltz #2

Okay, I’ve got some catching up to here. Ready…

Ayana’s changed appearance twice now from this:

to this:

(which by the way should not be confused with this similar Priest outfit: )

I’ve taken up Wood Golem hunting, basically big wooden guys that look like this:

Easy to take down with FrostBolt (one of a Mage’s offensive spells), and they don’t attack until you attack them. They also have metal cousins, the Steel Golem.

And this is as close as I dared to get to it, as they are extremely vicious and very happy to chase you halfway across the field. Ice magic doesn’t do much so only attempt a fight when in the 20’s and 30’s levels if you’re a fire mage. I also suggest having some extra Mages along with you (I speak from recent experience).

Elim has lost the Festive decoration now, but what replaces the tree is equally lovely.

The outskirts have also become greener – I swear that’s the PS Stained Glass filter being used for the grass.

That’s all I’ve needed to catch up on for now. When I actually remember, I’ll try and get a shot of the Town of Madelin, which looks like a fun fair!


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