Light and Colour Take #2

Ok, I haven’t had many opportunities for things that screams light and colour (my village isn’t known for its light displays – unless you drive around at Xmas time in the evenings, then it looks a lot like Blackpool illuminations), but I kinda got lucky over the past few days. although I did have to do some post processing to get the photo to match up with what I was seeing with my eyes.

This one was me altering the colours a bit to make it look more vivid.  There was a more vivid sunset around a month and a half ago whilst we were waiting for our lift home from Uni, but I was lacking a camera and I think my phone was off at the time, so I never got a picture.


Honest, cross my heart, the sunset we saw outside Waverley was that vivid in colour. We’re impressed to say the least


This is the original – the actual sunset wasn’t as washed out and was brighter than that.


Yep, it’s my birthday today, so my mum and sister put up some balloons in the window. We’ve been getting very bright sunshine in the mornings lately,
so seeing the sun being very bright behind the blinds gave me an idea. This proved how bad the camera I used is at picking up light (or overly good at compensating for bright light, whichever is more likely), because the raw photo looked duller than it actually was. So I’ve adjusted it a bit to match up.

I commented on my sister’s photo (I found practically zilch on others blogs – I would have thought I would have seen more to be honest) and that can be found in this post here.

This is what I had to say: “I love this picture – it’s like those films with the lights zipping past in lines. Good thing the phone’s light chip isn’t as accurate as a proper camera, otherwise it wouldn’t have come out like that.”

Okay, not the most critical  comment, but I’ve never been know for being particularly good with words.


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