Getting to grips with 3ds Max

I’ve been mucking about with 3ds max 9 the past week, trying to make one of my cardboard dragon models in it. See below for temporary NURMed WIP:3dsmaxmodel.jpg

I’ve run into a snag on the arm. I like to have as few faces (‘polygons’ since it’s an editable poly), it means less chance of a stray edge screwing up the smoothed model later on. During a bit of dividing of faces to get some extra vertexes, I ended up making two faces where I only wanted one (because I want to split it down the middle later) and I can’t figure how to merge them into one again. Searches on the internet isn’t working because the 3ds max web community are awkward assholes – ask how to do something and the only answer I’ve seen given is “read the help” and “do the tutorials”. Answer the damn question! What are you, politicians?

Here’s my predicament:


Anyone know how to join them together?


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