Wanderings in Shiltz #3

Some much for ‘weekly’ updates on Seal Online – Midland Rail keeps time better than I do.

One thing I learned these past two weeks – stick to the less full server. Elim on Malkuth server 1 is insane.

It’s like the local market, except this one’s actually doing decent business. In case you’re wondering, those stands are actually players, they only show properly when you get close up. It helps us lot tell them apart from regular players, but it doesn’t make it easier to find the right person.

I’m currently spending most of my time in the region of Madelin, the Circus City. It’s where all Jesters go for their equipment and skills. To get there, you cross this bridge on the far left hand side of the Upstream of Glasis River map:

(the green words say ‘[warp] to Madelin btw)

Madelin Town Square:

The Silon Forest camp and its Tower of Training:

And my new training haunt – the Adel Monastery.

The amount of time I’ve been knocked out here by the local Silky Joe the Boxers is nearly hitting double figures (you can see one right at the back in the middle of that last picture). I’ve gotten so fed up of it I’ve set a revive point in Eastern Madelin so I don’t have trek all the way back from Elim when I die.

One last thing – I’ve seen some unusual things on this game, but this one is really something else:

Am I seeing things or is that a cross between Kill Bill and some sort of strange pokemon trainer?


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