Being Connected (sounded oddly familar)

Tuesday we had a lecture about ‘being connected’, which was mainly about Post Modernism – something I sat through a talk about at college, but it only went as far as very weird approaches to art.

The difference between Modernism and  Post Modernism: in the case of the former it’s boils down to ‘we are all essentially the same’ – which I think you’ll agree is rather inaccurate, because just about every conflict and crisis to do with man you can think of was sparked by the fact we were very different – and that ‘our way has more value than everyone else’s. Modernism is more to do with logic and science to the point where it loses sight of what it is to be human (or alive for that matter).

Post Modernism means that everyone’s view has value and every one is different, it’s not about the individual view being right but about the whole load of views being right and with it the end of the notion of one individual genius, instead it’s people sharing ideas (queue flashbacks to GCSE History and my brother’s monologues about Communist Russia – everyone is equal, but some are more equal than others). *realises that last bit makes no sense, but can’t think of a way to rephrase it, so it stays*

I want to point out a contradiction – modernism is about everyone being the same but at the same time having individual thought and ways of thinking come to the fore, where as post modernism is about everyone being different but there being no such thing as individual thought and it’s all to do with people’s views being relevant to other people’s. Seems a bit muddled doesn’t it?

There was an interesting bit about ideas brought up where, to  borrow Simon’s metaphor, the quarry of originality has been picked clean and you’re scavenging for the scraps left over hoping to find that gem. Being a fan of the fantasy genre, this rings true. If you ask me, there aren’t original ideas, only original different ways of looking at them. Now if only most fantasy writers post-Tolkien would subscribe to that thought I wouldn’t be able to second guess what I’m reading all the time.


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