Time to do a Mystic Meg impersonation

After a lecture on Multimedia technologies (I’ve forgotten the title – well it was two weeks ago) we were asked to make predictions about what a piece of technology may end up in the future – the example being a projector that can track a moving surface (no, I’m not quite sure of the logic behind that either). Doesn’t exactly capture the imagination does it? Although the video of a digital whiteboard where the elements drawn reacted to gravity and other objects was very interesting, and reminded me of a game I stumbled across called Crayon Physics – which I’ve been meaing to blog for ages.

You can get the download the original (because he hasn’t got off his arse and finished the sequel yet) from the creator’s blog – PC only, I’ve yet to play it with a graphics tablet. It’s NOT the game featured in the video sadly, because that looks twice as fun as the original.

Then I remembered about a game I saw for the PS3 called Eye of Judgement (about the only good thing going for it if you ask me) – if you’ve ever watched an episode of Yu-Gi-Oh, and you’ll be very hard pressed to land on a episode without any duels in it, it works on a similar principle to the holographic duel systems from the show, except it uses a camera to track the cards on a 9×9 grid and ‘projects’ the monster that’s on the card on top so it looks like it’s stood on it (I see we’ve found a use for the tracking projector then). Better idea of what I mean in the video below.

Edit: Don’t want to spoil the end part.

Square-Enix are doing a similar thing for arcades called Lord of Vermillion, the machine for which look more like the original ones in Yu-Gi-Oh.

So what’s the future for this? It’s obvious – giant holographic monsters duking it out! I’ve played card games before (Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh! to be exact) and it’s a tad anti-climatic – it’s basically maths. Project the cards onto a 3D holographic playing field and it become a lot more interesting. Previously this has only been done by superimposing the CG on the video afterwards – for example shows like Fight Box and Bamzookie (although I’m starting to wonder in the case of the latter) – the next step is a proper 3D projection that’s interactive.


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