Being Connected and Century of Self

I posted my thoughts about last Tuesday’s lecture last Wednesday, and I was going to write about about my opinions about Valentina Culatti’s statement that “individuality and expression isn’t important” – the actual statements says “According to Armin Medosch, in an interconnected environment, individuality or expression are neither important. What’s important are the new forms of sharing, spreading and planning the digital work. With collective actions this cultural domain progresses in its entirety, because sharing and collaborating mean learning from each other.”

I find the notion of individuality not being important a little unsettling, and somewhat contradictory. Yes, sharing and collaborating is important – most of my work philosophy and techniques when it comes to art and any sort of creative project have developed from what people have shared – books, magazines, the internet (my bookmarks folder is full of links to info I’ve labelled as “come back to later”, because even if I’ve read it once, there’s always something I’ve missed or I have a different outlook on it) . But individuality has its merit as well in this kind of system. I can read 3 articles by 3 different people on the same topic, but only bookmark one because its approach was different. No matter how many art tutorials and workshops or watch, I always read more because no two people ever repeat the same process – they can be similar, but there’s always something that isn’t in another.

The Century of  Self – I remember watching a section from it about how advertising encouraged women to smoke in our lecture a couple of weeks back – and I don’t know whether I find it disturbing or somewhat ridiculous that people will willing accept what’s shown them. It’s sort of like acceptable propaganda, except there’s no just cause behind it. I’d watch more of it, but it really depends on my attention span.

I check a blog about MMO’s occasionally and came across a rather unsettling article about why the media demonises video-gaming that reminded me of that clip. I gave up taking papers seriously a while back because I felt like they were forcing their point of view on the reader (subtly mind – there’s a tone of voice they take that makes what they say sound like Gospel imo) and this article makes me want to become a hermit.


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