Wanderings in Shiltz #4 – Last Edition?

Well, this week is the deadline for our Avatar Diary, so by rights this should be the last edition of Wanderings in Shiltz – although granted it’s not exactly been weekly on the dot.

Well I’m now lvl 30, which now allows me to teleport by typing the name of the place in the message box (but the thing costs 2,000 cegel a pop – it’s cheaper trekking across the map to find the wagon driver than use that). I can now also start a Guild – if the amount of people we know signing up gets big enough I’ll set one up.

Another major difference is that my appearance has changed yet again, I’m now wearing the Viridian set of armour (finally, my defence is over 100).

Not entirely sure about the hat, but I’ve got to watch till I get to lvl 54 for the Rune Set I have my eye on so I better get used to it.

I went on a little hunt for one of the staffs on the Upstream of Mimir River map – bottom right to be precise, since the monsters that drop them are in the most inconvenient place imaginable by not being near any of the town warps. And it has very unusual trees too:

The monsters in question are the Stiff Horses – very bizarre wooden creatures not unlike Wood Golems, except they’ll come after you if they feel like it. And they have an interesting Kung Fu stance.

My favourite though has to be Afro Tree. It’s a tree with an afro (as if the name wasn’t a big enough clue) and it has a great big comb sticking out of its head.

How can you not like this little guy?

One thing that puzzles me: just what is the correct name for Lime? I only ask because:

Now I may be short sighted, but that definitely says Laim. May be a translation issue from Korean but surely it wouldn’t have been too much to change the sign, or keep the original since it was already in English.

This morning I made a trip to the rather infamous  Crude Mountain (the name, I suspect, is a gag on the developers’ part, since the map and the landscape itself is remarkably similar to Travia Valley. Since it was dark, the features pop-up that’s fairly frequent in this game caused a strange crystal structure in the distance to stick out like a sore thumb. On closer inspection I got the impression that the developers have played Final Fantasy:

Did Shiva pay a visit? It would explain the weather.

There are some large Rascal Rabbits in this area, and sheep – one kind that reminds me of a morris dancer, and the other wears a mask that looks a little dubious. But since they shoot at you  I didn’t risk taking a screengrab.


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