Second Self Project Progress

I’ll be honest – I didn’t do my moodboard till today (call it silly, but I kinda forgot that I needed to showed things to do with my personality and dislikes even though I already know). And I didn’t start on the model till Sunday afternoon, but I did most of it in a few hours, now I’m at the ‘fiddling around till it’s perfect stage’, which ideally shouldn’t be done till after the main work, but I always end up doing anyway since I’m a raging perfectionist.

Apologies for the insanely large image for the mood board, but I didn’t realise how much room I was going to need when I started (I didn’t even fit all of the stuff I wanted on! ). Someare my own photos and artwork (the sketch in the middle on the right hand edge was doodled one evening whilst watching Strictly Come Dancing), others (a fair few actually) are images saved to my mac for future use – since I tend to  squirrel away anything I find interesting whilst surfing the net – and the rest (about two images) are googled since I didn’t have them saved anyway (could have sworn I had more FMA pics somewhere… maybe I’m thinking of Hayley’s).

Note to self: make note of where the images came from.


As for Arty (what I’ve dubbed my avatar) – I know being female that I should have a knack for multitasking, but I’m starting to wonder how I’m managing to keep track of what I’m doing when I have two modifiers stacked up and I’m working on the editable poly (and obviously I can’t see them). At least in the case of TurboSmooth I can switch on NURBS so I tweack it and see exactly how it’s effecting the mesh.


As you can see, I haven’t gotten round to the hat yet (still trying to work that out in my head before I start on it).

And if anyone knows why the Zoom Extents Selected function has stopped working on I’d appreciate it because it’s damn annoying.


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