Mr Max and Mr Fist are about to become VERY close friends.

I’ve practically finished Arty. I say ‘practically’ because I had a thought the other night to alter the bottom half of his robe and move it from in from of his feet (otherwise it’ll get in the way later I suspect). But Max seems to have a serious bug that’s causing it to crash when I go to edit the poly and the trigger is either too many vertexes or too many being taken away, because it don’t like it.

When it wasn’t crashing, he looked like this:


I discovered that some of the polygons haven’t got the right ID’s, and I was trying to fix it when the error started. I resorted to hunting down the Service Packs (thankfullyAutoDesk still has them), but the Multi material seems to have a real bug in it which must be because I have so many materials for it. I’ve stripped the model of it and fingers crossed it’s behaving. The service packs did some good though – it may have changed the splash screen, but it’s fixed the startup error in Vista.

I picked up a couple of magazines today – 3D World which has 50 of the best independant animations on the dvd and a free Photoshop CS plugin that lets you make seamless textures – I’ll install it on my mac and give it a whirl during a break.  I also got Edge magazine, because it had an article on Lego Indiana Jones, and I stumbled upon something interesting – it has a picture of the wireframe model, the finsihed model and the wireframe with the animation controllers. Which gave me an idea. I wonder how hard it would be to replecate that in Max…


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