Ticked off doesn’t even begin to cover it.

Two things: 1) Can someone point me to the berk who forgot to mention that it’s practically impossible to the model you have in one .max file to another in a seperate one? Here was me modelling in two files to stop the amount of data crashing my laptop and now I can’t finish my project because I can’t put the bloody things together!! Heaven forbid people keep things in separate files!

2) Same thing actually. Anyone who knows how to do this, please tell me. Otherwise I shall go after people with a great big stick and make Conan the Barbarian look like a kitten.

Here’s my environment. I have one more thing to add to that bit of paper, but at this rate expect severe cheating to even get the two models together.


If it even exports to FBX, it’ll be a small miracle. Expect a half arse presentation tomorrow, as my mood is not going to be productive at this rate.


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