The End Is In Sight!

I never thought I’d be so relieved that my presentation is in two days – because that means that I can say goodbye to this nightmare of 3D modelling and work at a more leisurely pace on my showcase. And since the avatar has to be included, Arty’s getting a lower polygon overhaul complete with cloth modifier because the stats say it’s over 40,000 polygons and unsurprisingly my laptop is protesting at the work load.

I was planning on having one of my paintings on the piece of ‘paper’ on the tilted easel, but with the material mucking up and after a disastrous attempt to fix the mesh on Arty I’ve given up and am going with what I have, messy mesh and all. This is what’s mean to be in the background:


Not my best painting, but I was aiming for something traditional looking (sketched on paper, painted in Painter IX).

I don’t even want to bother about being nervous for the presentation, I’ll just make the flashcards, write it down roughly and put the slides together and if I stuttered so be it, I know the lecturers and I can sit down so it’s nowhere near as petrifying as in school.


3 thoughts on “The End Is In Sight!

  1. good idea not to even bother getting nervous, hope it went well.
    Like the sketches and also the overall ideas presented on here. Keep up the good work

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