Words fail me.

My presentation went fine, and I’ve been spending a fair bit of the holiday just doing different things – like my attempt to create a LEGO Minifig in 3DS Max that has the movement of one from the games (and I’ll get some screenshots once I figure how to sit at the laptop without possibly resulting in the need for a chiropractor).

And that’s the nice part out of the way. I’ve seen and read some truly bad examples of prose (if you want a laugh, a trip to the Livejournal Bad!Fic Quotes comm is a must – be warned, some of it could break you brain) and bad amateur films, but this owns all of them in one fell swoop. And if I had to suffer it, then so are you. Be warned, these are like a train wreck, it’s bad, but you can’t stop watching.

I’m assuming this is a commercial, and could someone tell what that thing is at the one minute mark? But it gets worse

This one wouldn’t have been so bad, if this hadn’t been in the video description.

“Ogopogo is the legendary sea serpent, said to be living in Okanagan Lake in BC, Canada. This video proves he is alive and well.”

Lost: one will to live (possibly more). If found, please contact me.

PS: I’m starting to wonder whether these people are having a laugh at our expense. They have this page is on their site. I wouldn’t even pay 1p to access them, let alone a dollar!


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