Proving that I still know which way to hold a pencil.

I finally have done at least one painting video – but due to SnapzProX being insanely on processing the file and the fact it’s going to take nearly the same time as it did to paint this to import it into iMovie, you won’t see it till later today. Thankfully I was not impeded by my latest moment of clumsiness that almost resulted in broken fingers (good job I’m not left handed). I do have a lovely bruise and cut knuckle to show for it.

My geekiness knows no bounds, as I ended up painting a little Adipose from the first ep of the current series of Doctor Who (the cutest creature I’ve ever seen). Despite them being simle looking, they are not easy to paint (three false starts on this painting are testament to that). Having said that, the times for the two halves of the video add up to 90 minutes, so it’s officially my quickest time on completing a painting. I’ve also come to the conclusion that while I can’t seem to sketch for toffee with my tablet, I can block things out and ‘sculpt’ them brilliantly.

I’ve also been paying some attention to one of my personal projects, which is a fantasy setting (at risk of descending into Steampunk and turning into a train wreck if I don’t research that area properly and make sure it slots in) and decidedly dragon orientated. It’s the only thing I’m working that that features them so heavily, so ‘don’t deny me my whimsy’ as Hayley would say.

Most drawings for the different kinds currently inhabit my sketchbooks, but a couple have made their way into Painter, with this one being the most realised:

Ignore the patchy skin colour, I need to look at the workshop on Dinosaur concept art in ImagineFX and see how they did the skin texture (I really need to stop doing this from memory). There was a sketch reference for the head that can probably still be seen if you squint and tilt you head sideways.


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