Cutting it VERY fine here.

OK, so I’m exporting my 3d footage for my showcase (it’s not in Flash yet, but I’ve already figured what the code need is and figured the buttons part – hey, I’ve got to do something while I wait).

First here’s the plan I did (warning, large file)

Here’s the notebook closed – the dragon/phoenix thing is the logo I design. If you squint and look at it at an angle you can make out it’s in a loose ‘J’ shape.

Open, and I’ll be honest, my actual notebooks don’t look like this – my sketchbooks do. It should also be noted that my desk is currently a lot messier than this, this is what it’s like when it’s ‘tidy’. After I’ve finished, I can set about making it so I can actually see what my mac is sitting on, and my tablet. *notices the holes on one side* Oh well, that can go in my evaluation as “right royal cock-up”.

Idea is to make this into a scrolling gallery. I know you can drag movieclips, and it should be much of a stretch to do – a mask over the top, very long stip of images, should work out fine.

To my eternal disappointment, I’ve been unable to have Arty speak in this due to his model being, to be blunt, a bloody pain to rig correctly (cloth modifier is also a right pain as well, my work-around currently has a patch on the right arm where you can see the body colour underneath. Maybe I can say he’s got a hole in his sleeve).


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