Been a bit quiet on the Western Front

The facts are these (take a guess at which show I’ve been watching 😉 ): after nearly causing my brain to shut down from finishing my showcase I took it easy for a week. Then things got a bit mad when Hayley had to go into hospital and currently I’m trying to get past a brain freeze on my essay (which isn’t as bad as it sounds as I’ve a rather rough hand-written outline on my desk, it’s stringing sentences together that gives me trouble). I’m going to get a rough draft done today and fired off to Jools and sort out my presentation while I’m waiting. It’s currently four days till presentation day, most of which is probably going to consist of raiding my ImagineFX issues for the interviews and articles (they’ve got some seriously useful stuff in there).

I’ve found a couple of interesting bits on the net from the videogames industry in the meantime (well, well I say me, I mean Hayley). First are two spectacular clangers from RockStar games in the box art department (snatching the title from Capcom and Okami’s IGN watermark).

Fingers miscounted on the Grand Theft Auto IV box art and again with Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

Now I’m not brilliant when it comes to drawing people, particularly with hands, but there is no way that would have slipped under my radar! The artist (or artists, I don’t know if it’s the same guy) either need to be sacked or given an anatomy book.

Secondly; the new Prince of Persia. Well, a Prince of Persia, they’re pulling a bit of a Final Fantasy on us here in more ways than one. They’ve plumed for a more myth- orientated story and setting (using Persian mythology obviously, as a myths and legends geek I’m not complaining) this time round, and the artwork’s bloody brilliant in my opinion. I just can’t get my head around the in-game graphics.

Really not digging the cell shading – it reminds me too strongly of anime games. It works fine for them, and I appreciate the attempt to tie in the artwork with the game graphics, but it just looks wrong. I miss Raphael LaCoste.

Ubisoft have been nice enough to provide a speedpaint vid from the new artist mind you, so I can’t really stay annoyed at them.

All links and images are from Kotaku, with the exception of the painting video which was originally found by Hayley at Jeux France and subsequently tracked down by me over on YouTube (no idea where they were put up originally).


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