*Has been characteristically AWOL*

Heheh, went scatter-brained again over this. Actually, scatter-brained over a few things, namely hitting an artistic rut during this time off (could have been way more productive, but I’m not exactly going to dwell on that, it’s not going to help).

To be honest I’ve been geeking out more than anything, with Doctor Who being a major source of distraction over its last few episodes (managing to be both utterly awesome and a major wallbanger [in my experience it’s either one or the other]).

I also discovered Dr Horrible, which already reached new heights of awesome just by being a Super-villain Musical. The fact that something this brilliant (and with this catchy a soundtrack – I have the final two songs stuck on repeat in my head) was made solely for the web is amazing, and kudos to Joss Whedon (he of Buffy and Firefly fame [I still need to get round to watching the latter now that I think about it]) for pulling it off. Which brings the total of ‘Things I Have To Thank The Writers’ Strike’ for to 3 (the other two being that Alex Kingston was able to appear in Doctor Who [hey, I thought she was pretty good], and Heroes Season 2 being mercifully chopped in half [I reserve the right to reverse that opinion when Season 3 airs]).

Dr Horrible - another thing to thank the Writers Strike for

Dr Horrible - another thing to thank the Writers' Strike for

Thanks to my sister being a frequent visitor to the G4 TV site (god dammit why can’t we have that channel!?), I got pointed to this Pac-Man fanfilm. Certainly unusual, but be warned – it may ruin your enjoyment of Pac-Man forever (I’m certainly not going to look at it in the same light again).

Now I don’t know if anyone’s familiar with the program Vocaloid (it’s a Japanese voice synthesizer), but there’s a program which is basically allows you to animate a 3D model of its most well know ‘character voice’, Hatsune Miku. The reason I bring this ip is because of this

The last time I saw animation this good was the 3D Hare Hare Yukai in the PS2 Haruhi Suzimiya game. I’ve download the English version, now if I can just figure out how to sort out the lag…

Speaking of Hare Hare Yukai, my sister also showed me a video of some Eva figures doing the dance in stop motion. Genius if you ask me.

Something I did spend an inordinate amount of time on was redoing my CSS for my livejournal (which is where I direct most of my geekery). The final layout looks like this:

Clean, minimalist, and a painting of a dragon (my own work) at the top. Perfect!

Clean, minimalist, and a painting of a dragon (my own work) at the top. Perfect!

To round off before I go and sit down to practice my human anatomy (or get wound up thanks to WordPress.com being annoying sluggish), a couple of sites I’ve taken up visiting:

TV Tropes.org – basically an entire wiki dedicated to devices in games, TV, film, books etc. Highly recommended (be warned though, you can easily lose an afternoon or even a day browsing that site)

io9.com – sister site of Kotaku (which I could never get in the habit of reading) but dedicated to all things sci-fi, science, comics and the like.


2 thoughts on “*Has been characteristically AWOL*

  1. Dr. Horrible is pretty amazing, and has some great songs in it. The ending of “On the Rise” is sweet, as is the first verse of “Brand New Day.” I’m guessing the titles here, so forgive me if they’re not correct.

    – Jordan

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