Animation Overview

Apologises for not posting here – to be honest it’s the last thing on my mind when I’m doing Uni work, and I’ve taken to using sketchbooks for design work instead of posting progress on here (I’m more likely to pick that up than log in). So I’m just going to post some of the pages and WIPs from the animation project. The other two will follow, once my brain’s not longer scrambled from Deadline Rush.

Attempt at using the gallery feature in WordPress (I still think the media gallery is  cumbersome – couldn’t they have it as one of the side boxes or something so I’m not skipping between the post page and a flash window?):

I’m very pleased with how my models came out – not so much with the final animation, I might take a leaf out of my sister’s book and have each shot as a separate file, because once you hit over 500 frames you really can’t see what you’re doing on the time line and more often than not the whole thing ends up in slow motion. There was also going to be a large disembodied hand ala Black and White, but I discovered that Biped doesn’t like it when you try and cannibalise it for a hand rig (I would like to know if it’s possible to do that).

PS: I’m currently in a state of shock at the apparent closure of Free Radical since our game design lecturer is, or as it stands was, an employee there. And after seeing the concept art for Timesplitters 4 (God I feel so sorry for these guys, I know that if I were in their shoes, it wouldn’t be the fact I was now jobless that got me, it’d that I couldn’t continue working on the games. I’d be gutted) I’m in mourning. I don’t play FPS’s but I admit to having a soft spot for that series. It was quirky and different and it had a gun-toting monkey for crying out loud (as if you’d forget a game that had that).

PPS: Be careful reading the WordPress news pages if you do (any online environment guys reading this should go and see what I mean, it’s relevant) – they got  a strange snow effect on the page. Festive I suppose, but on a white background it only succeeds in making me think my eyes are going funny.


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