Games Design Overview

Okay, finally got round to putting this on my blog – btw, posting the modules in alphabetical order wasn’t intended, it’s just that I haven’t got all the files for Visualisation on my mac (that’s the problem of working on two different platforms, it’s a nightmare keeping things synced).

Anyway, my game was called (imaginatively enough) Ragnarok, since I’d based it on Norse mythology. I ended up with a kind of hybrid between a card game and a board game, was certainly fun to make, if problematic in getting it to work.

So, here are the scans from my design journal (which I’d better be getting back at the start of term, there’s still 70 odd pages left in it to use up) and some photos of the final game (excuse the poor image quality, my camera phone lacks a decent macro mode). My game testing notes are notable by their absence, since I didn’t get a chance to scan them.

I did artwork for all 14 of the cards – and thereby broke my record for speedpainting, I hardly took more than an hour on each. The level of detail varies wildly, and in one instance the original version of the speed paint was lost after I hadn’t saved and turned off the mains extension by accident (don’t ask). In one of them I think I must have been channelling my mindset in the run up to the deadline, because it’s kinda unsettling. Also, my horse anatomy sucks. I’m seriously out of practice.

Visualisation¬† should be up later tonight, then I have some of the stuff I’ve been doing in my spare time in the past term.


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