Visualisation Overview

Here are the scans and screencaps from my Visualisation project.

Now this project seems to be the victim of a truly bizarre and very stealthy glitch. When going to compress my DV AVI file for uploading to YouTube, I was incredibly surprised to discover that there were only 25 frames in the file – for a reason I can’t figure, especially since it’s impossible to set a frame range for export in Windows Movie Maker, it only exported that much. I suddenly realised that there’s a pretty good chance the CD I handed in has this bizarre file on it, despite the fact that I’m positive that the DV AVI I burned was a full length video – I should know, I tested it several times (large files don’t play well from CD on Vista btw). Either way, the computer gave no indication there was a problem with exporting. Really sorry about this Roma if it is that file.

Can’t do anything about it now, so here it is:


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