This is so cool

Shooting off on a tangent for a bit before I post my work done outside of Uni , this is something I found in my latest ImagineFX issue (not the latest mind you, the one before) and been meaning to blog about – better late than never eh?

Rabbitholes Media is a company that provides 3D hologram technology to artists to allow to make 3D images on a 2D canvas. The awesome thing? These holograms move. Think the paintings from Harry Potter and you get the idea, but to make it easier, here’s their demo video.

I saw some holographic images when I visited The Puzzling Place in Keswick (which is brilliant if you’re into optical illusions and puzzles like I am, but if you ask me some of the coolest stuff is in the shop), but they were green on place, and I don’t really recall any movement in them. You also had to be a certain distance.


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