Character Project

Just to show I have actually been doing something, here’s a progress report for my animation project. Visualisation will have to wait till I can get the stills from Ed (and after we’ve done this blummin’ presentation – am I the only who finds having one group doing Victorian architecture and another doing Industrial Revolution architecture (my group) to be a bit silly and redundant seeing as they’re around the same time period?).

I started off with this:


Didn’t get very far with modeling it as you can see, because it felt rather… safe? Uninspired? Anyway, I’ve filed it away for future use – I’m particularly fond of the rough sketch in the bottom left. I also quite liked the quick (and unfinished) speed paint I did:


But after watching Jojo in The Stars in our animation lecture last week, my brain took a decidedly weird turn, and I ended up creating this guy, who is now almost fully modelled.

creaturesketches creaturetopcreatureside


Things got odder when I found this little flash app called SCRIBBLER – which takes a drawing that you create in it and makes it scribbley (is that a word?).





I ended up playing around with it when I really should have gone to bed, and came up with these… things.


It’s like walking the pencil on steroids. And when I started to use some as a basis for extra designs, things got decidedly weird.


I’m starting to think my subconscious goal for this project is to see how much I can creep everyone out.


And this was me doodling when I should have been listening to the lecture yesterday afternoon. Although apparently they’ve proven that doodling actually helps you concentrate (not sure if it still works like that when your mind starts thinking about things like plot and visual style mind you). In case you’re wondering, they’re sized relatively except for the one on the far right.

Memo to self: Look at some other themes because this one is a bit on the narrow side.


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