Games Project.

Whoops! Forgot that I hadn’t posted anything to do with this.

So, I decided my level would be a Steampunk airship hanger, because well, it was an excuse to draw airships in seminar. Anyway, I did some sketches of a layout and some design elements.

shipsketches sketches

Yeah, excuse the confusing level map, I haven’t found that book of tracing paper I got with an animation kit a few years back yet. Rest assured I have a rather good idea of how it will look up here. *taps head* Just the dimensions that I have trouble with.

I went fishing for airships and steampunk on the net – Final Fantasy is a goldmine for this sort of thing. I admit I may have been channelling Final Fantasy IX with the airship sketches as I love that game. I also found some awesome pictures of industrial piping and stuff from factories.


I’ve been building the airship in 3DS Max as hopefully the right size to put into the level. However, I’ve quickly discovered that getting it into Unreal Editor isn’t as easy as you’d think.


Here’s the rough airship, looking very… ship-like. The little dark blob in the bottom left corner is my character height guide. Now, when I put it in the editor, I got this:


Looks odd, but I only wanted it for judging my placement (I’ve already mucked up the floor, the pit’s not meant to be all the way along), I can add the final thing later. So I run the level to check the size in-game and this happens:


Holy smeg I’ve got a ghost ship! I have no idea why it’s doing that, and I’ve been looking online to try and find the reason (the book only covers Maya, and while I may be good at translating from one program to the next, I have limits). May have to rethink being able to go inside the ship (but I’m sure as hell making sure you can go on the deck) but once I’ve figured it out I’m sure it’ll be easier to do. I’m currently trying out unwrapping the UVW and giving it a proper texture file to work from. Slightly fiddly, and I haven’t even got to the mast yet.


I’m still incredibly amused at the fact one of the set of faces turned out like an axe. I’m sure I’ve seen one of those in World of Warcraft.

Erm… other stuff when I can sort through my files (I have a fully rigged character for animation done, pending a couple of tweaks).


One thought on “Games Project.

  1. Check your NOW email, there’s an email which Brad sent out which covers the problem you’re having with the ‘ghost ship’. When you import static meshes in the mesh browser you need to set the package name as MyLevel. When you come to do the UVW it’s got to be a bitmap no larger than 1024×1024 for this version of unreal.

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