I need some portable virus protection.

Not an update, more a heads up for anyone using Room 105.

I went to Uni without my laptop last night as they’ve finally installed Unreal 2004 on the computers. Couldn’t do a damn thing thing though, because at least half the computers (we lost count by the end of the evening) had pest alerts when I tried to access the P drive. Obviously there’s no decent virus checker on the network, because instead of fixing it it ended up crashing Windows Explorer and the task manager. This made them impossible to use, and it often happened when trying to use the P drives.

This morning I discovered that I shouldn’t have plugged in my hard drive into any of them (I was hopping computers like mad, and the only one that didn’t crash didn’t actually have a P drive at all), because I’ve now got a worm on it (there’s also a trojan in my portable version of aMSN, but whether it’s mistaken identity or not isn’t clear as I can’t find a mention of anyone else having in on the net). I’m getting my important files off my hard drive as I type (after checking they’re not bringing anything with them) and then removing the infections, because I don’t trust Sod’s Law one iota.

An update will happen at some point – I’ve made ground on both animation and games (well, sorta in the latter’s case), but first I’m informing IT services. Either way, I’m not plugging my hard drive into those computers again until I know it’s safe.


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