Final Visualisation Project update

Sorry sorry, this slipped my mind. Didn’t help that our internet went a bit doo-lally for a few days (a fault at the exchange which, despite affecting the whole area, no-one reported for at least six hours until we phoned up).

Before I go any further – I have gone through the camera match tutorial, however my copy of Max was being slightly awkward and making adjusting proved nigh impossible. However, I do understand the basics as I can recreate things from photos quite easily, and will do so if I’m a bit stuck for something to do.

So, my visualisation project was recreating the palace of Xerxes from the Fullmetal Alchemist manga. Which went… Well, not disastrously wrong, just not as good as I wanted it to turn out.

As you can see in the last five, the shadows were being fickle again. And the interior dome… *cringes* I have no idea what went wrong, but Max would not let me fix it. Every time I tried: “Max has encountered an error”. And this was like 5 times in a row. I wasn’t about to push my luck really in case my laptop started smoking like a pop tart.

I think I probably forgot to alter the colour on the pillars, and lower the tile size of some textures, because it looks really nasty when viewed close up. And I mean pixellated nasty.

But overall I am rather proud of it – roll on the Xerxes flashback so I can compare!


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