Epic Mickey

I know, I know, slap wrist. It’s kinda ridiculous how I can seem to forget to log in and post about something cool I’ve seen.

And really, it just can’t get any cooler than this:


I have a long-time love of seeing usually sweet and innocent stories or themes being made dark and twisted, so this is like a dream come true. And it also ties rather neatly into my Personal Research Project. Hayley correctly guessed the plot just from the artwork, which just shows how wonderfully executed it is (maybe we should turn that into a game or something). To see more concept art (and possibly taint your childhood in the process) check out the following links:



The fact that this is a Wii exclusive is mind-blowing (dang straight it’s finding its way onto the games shelf when it’s released). I’m trying to track down a copy of Game Informer, but I have no idea where it’s stocked in the UK. I’ll pay Waterstones a visit next week and see if I get lucky.

I have a few more things I’ve discovered on the way, including a really, really awesome animation that I will go on record as saying that everyone needs to see it at least once.


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