Unearthed Old Anti-Piracy PSA

Dear Lord, I can see why this might not have worked as intended.

Points should not be made using the medium of Rap and a MC Hammer lookalike. The will to live was lost somewhere around the montage of programmers telling us why it’s a bad thing.

Although “Don’t Copy That Floppy” is quite a good slogan. Bit hard to create a similar one today though – half the rhymes I can think of off the top of my head ended up having a double meaning.

[Source: Download Squad]

PS: The Download Squad post links to the results of a recent MPAA contest to create anti-piracy ads. After seeing about a minute of the winners’ entry, someone needs to inform them and the MPAA that making it in the style of a trailer for a Hollywood blockbuster may look cool, but doesn’t automatically make it a good idea.


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