Client Project Update

Okay, okay, I know I’ve been exceptionally bad with this – breaking out of my usual mindset of working mostly in my head is surprisingly difficult.

So, my client project is to produce two illustrations that would go on the cover of ImagineFX, for which the prompt is “Art is Our Religion” that was in the brief I received. My tutor Andy has requested for that the images are A0-sized – I’m going to have to ask about dpi sizes when I get back in touch with my client (Xmas period mostly equals insane in their office, which is just as well, as I was rather preoccupied with the research essay), because A0 at 300 dpi actually succeeds in practically killing my iMac. It has 4GB of Ram, so you can imagine that this is a feat.

Anyway, images, and first up are the mood-boards I’ve gathered:

There’s this intriguing site called Dreamlines that I stumbled across on one of my meanders around the internet. Pop in a search term, and it uses images pulled from Google Image Search to create these bizarre fractal patterns that alter every few seconds (you have to quick with the screen grabs). These are some of the results I got when I put in “myth”.

One thing I hit upon is the idea of Creation – something that ties in with both art and religion. And what sprang to mind? The Pillars of Creation in the Eagle Nebula (top-right for full nebula and bottom left for the Pillars themselves). Nebulas are works of art in and of themselves, and looking at these beautiful images is like the game of cloud pictures turned up to 11.

Some images of Sumerian, Byzantine, Persian and ancient Chinese art here due to the realisation that mythologies are actually religions, just not relevant ones today. However, I’ve kind of developed an odd fascination with HP Lovecraft, and decided to do one cover based on Cthulu of all things, which is why there are weird things. In the bottom-left however is the image that triggered the idea for referring to nebulas – John Howe’s Dragon of Chaos (based on the Persian myth of the dragon Tiamat being struck down by her son Marduk). Which is unbelievably gorgeous when seen in his Forging Dragons book.

And then we come to the slightly curious part of the inspiration boards. The Golem – a creature from Jewish myth that is essentially an artificial human created from earth. Of course it all wraps round into the creation theme.

There are three concept sketches so far; two of which are variations of the same idea, because I was trying to work out the general look.

The third one is somewhat based on Russian Icons, and the Omega Nebula (have you seen that nebula? I swear it looks like there’s a guy looming over the scene in the background). Now, the figure in the middle, I can clearly picture it in my mind’s eye, but the thing is I know I’ve gotten the design from somewhere and I can’t for the life of me remember where. There’s too much stuff going off up here, I need a bigger head.

Research project… I’ll get back to you with that one. I’ve a good idea about how I’m going to go about doing the artefacts (I have also found blog posts that are relevant to my interests, as it were), I just need to sort out the focus groups.


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