Client Project – Both Covers

I’ve sent off both covers to my client for feedback. Here’s the small, water-marked versions of the two.

Some cosmetic changes will need to be done obviously, but the question is whether I need actual prints to hand in or not. Hopefully not, it would be rather awkward trying to find a print shop that could print A0 in time.

Also, in the process of making sure I have evidence to show my work on these, I’ve lost count of the amount of file versions I’ve made of these two (and that’s not including aborted ones). It’s a good thing my filing system is the only thing of mine that’s reasonably organised.

I’m currently going through my artwork folder to find images for the exhibition package. It’s a bit odd that some of them are a couple of years old, but they actually still demonstrate my skillset. And I haven’t even gotten started on my 3D work (I need to rig the 3D minifig I’ve been working on for that, shouldn’t take too long – I can practically rig in my sleep now).


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