Ever since the first LEGO Star Wars game came out, I’ve been trying to make a 3D recreation of a LEGO minifig that has the same range of movement – bendable legs, arms, hands, that sort of thing. Then I found this custom LEGO model of a Dalek by Flickr user kaptainkobold. I thought “why not?” and with the help of the LDraw library (open source virtual LEGO pieces) made a virtual version.

The result was a homage to the Doctor wailing on a Dalek with a wrench in a recent episode:

The Daleks aren’t having much luck with serving tea, are they?


Work Outside of Uni

Aside from the unsurprising amount of time I spent absorbing ridiculous amounts into my brain (damn you Wikipedia), I did do something constructive other than Uni work, if a bit sporadically.

Sorta surprised myself with just how much I pulled from my sketchbook and hard drive (memo to self – make list of stuff that needs revisiting).

Scattered amongst the dragons (hey give me a break, I hadn’t drawn any for ages) are some attempts at human figures – mainly Edward Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist, since there’s a popular concept from that series that won’t leave my brain alone (it’s from the fandom itself actually, but still annoyingly persistent) – and some sketches from an afternoon in the Arboretum next door to our Uni building; which reminded me that drawing animals is incredibly tricky since they won’t keep still. I may need to bribe the squirrels in future. With the dragon sketches, you can actually see one particular idea evolving – there are 3 sketches of the same subject; two are very similar (the computer doodle came first), one has a reworked composition.

There’s also the black and white beginnings of a map, which might be recognisable from my Showcase last year (I might post that again, I quite liked that map), and a very strange mash-up of Lemmings and Doctor Who – I drew a Lemming version of the 4th Doctor for a laugh, and now I’m working on the set.  I hope they won’t be too long with Matt Smith’s costume shots, because I need to work out how to make him a Lemming.

3D work was much of the same – the 3D minfig, of which there are two versions, one for full bones animation, the other being a virtual equivalent of a real one (I’ve inadvertently discovered WordPress’ weird way of handling galleries it seems, the images I wanted to post separately have been added to it. Oh well, you’ll just have to guess which is which from the thumbnails [good luck on that]), and a 3D Lemming. That last one was, honestly, purely for fun and done (mostly) in one afternoon. I amazed myself with how accurately I’d modelled it, because I was working purely from memory – I might rig it and see what I can do. A friend asked if I was going to make a 3D Lemming Doctor – one thing at a time mate.